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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Obama's Attack on the Catholic Church: Bishop Lynch Fights Back - Will We?

I applauded after the reading of Bishop Lynch's letter this Sunday, as did much of our Parish. Our Priest omitted two paragraphs from the reading. I wish he would have read the entire letter.

"This is now a moral issue," the bishop wrote. "The timing by the president leaves me no option but to inform you of what is happening which I believe to be an assault on the sacred."
Our Bishop goes on to say:

"The President and his Secretary for Health and Human Services are willingly and willfully precipitating a constitutional crisis by causing this assault on the freedom of religion at the federal level. Their judgment cannot be allowed to stand. I am certain that our church will pursue both judicial and legislative relief in the days and months coming. I also believe that we will prevail in the end, most likely in the judicial approach. The latest action follows the denial of funding to a respected agency (Migration and Refugee Services) of the church to help female victims of sexual trafficking heal from the terrible wounds inflicted on them in this country. Why? Because the church agency refused to provide abortions and contraception as options for these women.
The lofty and hopeful words of the President at the time of his speech at Notre Dame three years ago about freedom of and respect for the religious conscience of all have been rendered questionable at best. What a tragedy and what a shame.
Those of you who have known and watched me over the sixteen years it has been my privilege to be your bishop know that I have until now refrained from engaging in political discourse. But this is now a moral issue and the timing by the President leaves me no option but to inform you of what is happening which I believe to be an assault on the sacred. I and my brother bishops did not choose this moment, the President and Secretary Sibelius did."
Here is Bishop Lynch's letter in full.

I spoke with a Priest at noon Mass today. I asked if this was the greatest attack on the Church of our time. He said yes - in America. The only thing that compares, he said, was what occured under Communism in the 1940's.

If has not been clear in the past, it should be clear to all now, we have a Communist - or something close - in the White House. He is not just the most pro-abortion President in history. It is not enough to promote the destruction of God's children in the womb. The goal is the destruction of the Catholic Church.

Many Catholics who supported Obama are now surprised and feel betrayed. How? Did they not read George Orwell's, "Animal Farm." If not, now may be a good time.

That Obama was the most pro-Abortion candidate - before he was the most pro-Abortion President in history - should have stopped Catholics from voting for him. It apparently did not, as he carried the Catholic vote. Now the snake has bitten the hand that nurtured him. Not the first time is it? I believe this occured in Genesis.

Catholics who voted for Obama have no one to blame but themselves. When it was the unborn, who could not speak for themselves, they turned their heads. Now, the ante has been raised. It is an assault on the Church itself. Let us hope they will learn from their mistakes.

In the meantime, we can be grateful we have Bishop Lynch making a stand. Let us all support him. Not with letters to politicians or a petition. But with whtat counts - votes against those who goal is the destruction of the unborn and ultimately the Roman Catholic Church.

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