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Thursday, January 19, 2012

My First Latin Mass

I attended my first Latin Mass last Sunday at the Cathedral of St Jude in St Petersburg, Florida. I didn't know what to expect. The Latin Mass I witnessed was the most beautiful Mass I have seen. When I am at the New Mass, I feel as though God is visiting our house. At the Latin Mass, I had the feeling I was visiting God's house.

The attention to detail and the ritual made it a spiritual, rather than a social, experience. There was no talking before Mass, and no handshaking during. After the Latin Mass, I had this feeling I had experienced the Sabbath. I don't normally get that feeling at the New Mass... I get the feeling I have been to Church for an hour. That is a good thing, but not as good as what I felt from the Latin Mass.

The music was Gregorian Chant sung by a choir of young people. It was beautiful. I was impressed by how many young people (early twenties) were in the choir. In fact, there were many young adults in attendance. Is it possible the Latin Mass may appeal to the young people the Church is trying to cultivate?

I was taken by surprise by how well dressed everyone was. The women wore veils over their heads. The men wore suits. One man even wore a bow tie - as though a regular tie were not special enough. The young boys wore suits, something I have not seen since the Sixties, and the young girls wore nice dresses.

Contrast this to the casual dress at the New Mass, where shorts, t-shirts, sandals, jeans, and tennis shoes are common. At the New Mass, I am usually one of the nicer dressed, as I wear khakis and a dress shirt. At the Latin Mass, I felt under dressed, and next time I am going to wear a suit. Perhaps I will follow the Catholic gentleman's example I mentioned earlier and wear a bow tie as well. I may have to get my boys suits as well. And my wife a veil for her hair.

The sermon was the finest sermon I have heard. It was not like a typical sermon, but more like a bible study on the gospel reading of the day.

I left the service moved in a way I have not been for many years by a Mass, perhaps ever.

I am grateful to our wonderful Parishes in Clearwater, Florida, and to our clergy. I thank them for all they do for us. I value the New Mass, and I believe a Latin Mass would be a great offering.

I pray a Latin Mass will be one day be offered at a Parish on a daily basis in Clearwater, Florida.

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