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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bishop Robert Lynch Takes a Courageous Stand

During these difficult times in America, I, like many, have been disappointed by the Catholic Church not standing up for traditional Catholic values. And not just the Catholic Church, but Catholics themselves, who helped elect the most pro-abortion President in American history.

I take heart, and am given hope, by the courageous stand of Bishop Robert Lynch of St Petersburg, Florida against what has been called the president's "war on the Catholic Church." This war in part stems from the Health and Human Services mandate that forces every employer to provide employees with health coverage that not only covers birth control and sterilization, but makes them free.

Bishop Robert Lynch is mentioned today in the Wall Street Journal as a foremost opponent of the mandate, even to the point of civil disobedience. We must needs stand for those who cannot stand for themselves - the unborn. Bishop Lynch, you have my respect for this and my hat is off to you. God bless you!

The Wall Street Journal editorial, entitled, "Obama Offends the Catholic Left," also mentions members of the Catholic left who were huge supporters of Obama, and who now feel betrayed - like the liberal National Catholic Reporter, Michael Sean Winter. As Adam and Eve once discovered, if you play with snakes, you'll eventually get bitten.

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